Reflexology is an art and science based on the principle that the feet are microcosms of the body, reflecting all glands, organs, and body systems.  By manipulating the reflexes in the feet, we illicit nerve impulse responses to the entire body, promoting relaxation, reducing vascular constriction and tension, and increasing circulation.

During a Foot Reflexology session you can expect to recline fully clothed in a chair with your feet propped up and cleansed.  Relaxation techniques are applied to the feet, followed by specific thumb and finger sequencing that walks the whole ‘body map’ of the feet, including muscles, organs, endocrine system, nervous system, and immune-lymphatic system.

The feet tell the story of the body, and every body has a different story to tell.  Our amazing bodies, being attracted to homeostasis, want to be balanced and perfect.  Our anxiety, stress, sickness, pain and trauma, get in the way of achieving this natural health balance.  Regular sessions of massage, Reflexology, or intuitive body work, remind our bodies to relax.  When the body is relaxed, it can then afford the energy to do the necessary elimination and repair work.

If you are called to honour your feet with a restorative foot treatment, book a Reflexology appointment by calling Certified Reflexologist, Seija Heiskanen at 632-3279.