Seija Heiskanen

seijaSeija Heiskanen is a Certified Reflexologist offering private 60 minute sessions.  In treatment, Seija skillfully promotes healing by using specific techniques on the feet that correspond with the various organs and systems of the body. While any state of disharmony in the body will improve with reflexology, Seija specializes in addressing conditions related to stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, poor sleep, and of course, anything to do with the feet. She also frequently provides pre and post natal care to women. Around the clinic, we like to call her the ‘baby whisperer’ for her ability to promote and ease labour.


“I am called to do this work with our Fantastic Feet;

our feet that support us, move us, and connect us to the Earth.”


For more information or to schedule an appointment with Seija, contact her at 807-632-3279