Yoga Classes

Small Group Restorative Yoga*

De-stress and renew with deeply relaxing restorative yoga postures designed to relax, stretch, and bring you deeply into your own body and breath. Postures are fully supported by props and held for an extended time with very little, or even no effort. Guided meditations and visualizations help develop body awareness and give you tools that can be practiced at home and in life. Classes are small, with plenty of individual attention. This class is suitable for anyone who can lie on the floor, and is especially useful for people recovering from illness and/or injuries, or, as with most of us … stress.

Basic Beginner Hatha Yoga*

This class emphasizes an informed foundation in several basic postures at the beginner level.  What is yoga? Why does the breath matter?  How can I practice at home?  Standing postures, seated postures, kneeling postures, prone and reclining postures, and inversions are presented, discussed, and practiced.  Working with the breath is essential to yoga.  A few mudras (hand positions) and sitting meditation are included.  Yoga philosophy, and  some historical context are woven into the instruction.

Home Support Practice

Discussion groups with asana instruction for hatha and restorative students wanting to strengthen their personal yoga practices. Come with your questions and concerns about yoga postures and receive hands on guidance and support in working with and through challenges.

(available upon request)

Adapted Yoga: Sit, Stand or Wheel

Classic yoga postures are adapted to suit a variety of bodies and abilities.  Props are used to make the pose suit the body with both comfort and challenge.  Focus is on building strength and flexibility to reduce pain and enhance mobility.  Class size is small to allow for individual attention, and class length is short.

(available upon request)


*Registration required – for dates and details please contact Robin Faye @ 632-6591 or by visiting