Yoga & Bodywork

Private yoga lessons are designed specifically for the individual student or small group based on their particular needs and interests. The lessons normally last between sixty and ninety minutes and include
stretching, strengthening, and relaxation. Body awareness, breathing exercises, physical postures, and yoga philosophy are offered in various combinations to encourage mindfulness, body awareness, and relief from pain.

Restorative Yoga is especially slow: comfortable postures are held for extended periods of time while the body is fully supported by special props so that little to no effort is required – the whole point is for
the body to be fully supported in order to allow for deep relaxation and release. A more vigorous lesson can be provided if desired, with a focus on exploring the alignment and mechanics of basic yoga postures.

Bodywork sessions with Robin are done on a Thai massage mat on the floor (although a massage table can be used when it’s the most appropriate tool). The client sits or lies on the mat and is guided through a series of comfortable positions in which slow, gentle pressure is applied with the hands, arms, and feet. In addition, techniques from Robin’s toolbox of bodywork modalities; Reiki, reflexology, and massage (not RMT) are integrated to provide a comprehensive session that suits the unique needs of the individual client on that particular day.

Yoga & bodywork can be combined in a single appointment. Small private yoga classes can also include some basic bodywork. Even where bodywork is not included, hands-on assists – if the client is comfortable with being touched – can be useful to help bring the body’s natural attention to the postures.

Wear loose comfortable clothing that you are comfortable moving in. Please avoid wearing any fragrances, even in laundry products. (Robin was over-exposed to solvents in the workplace and is now

To schedule an appointment, please contact Robin Faye directly at 807-632-6591 or For more information on offerings by Robin in the community, you can also visit her webiste

If you have a suggestion for starting a small special yoga class on a particular topic, please let Robin know your thoughts.


“This Restorative yoga class is relaxing and has lasting pain relief for me.”

“The class was so much more than I expected, ranks in my top 5 yoga classes over 30+ years of practice in Toronto mostly but also regional retreats and in my travels. I love! Robin’s detailed descriptions of muscle groups and their interconnections.”

“I am enjoying learning about yoga and increasing my body awareness. Nice pace of class.”

“Robin’s yoga classes are quite unique in that they are tailored to meet individual needs. Her clear instructions and gentle guidance are extremely helpful to attaining a relaxed body and a relaxed mind.”

“The real measure was that I experienced absolutely no pain/discomfort following the session. My right elbow feels the best it has in a long time. You will see me again.”