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We are so happy to share that in January 2017, the lovely and highly experienced, Kim Fossum will be joining forces with us and offering her skills as a registered massage therapist. If you have been feeling tired or achy or have an old injury that has flared up or a new one that has got you down, massage therapy may be exactly what you need to get the new year started on the right track.

Or perhaps broader insight into your health is being called for in the new year. If so, Certified BodyTalk practitioner, Patricia Arges can help put things into perspective and encourage deep healing.

Or maybe you are called to “honour your feet – the feet that support us, move us and connect us with the Earth”. If that’s the case, a relaxing Reflexology treatment with Seija Heiskanen will do just that.

Needless to say, we’ve got quite the dream team working for you these days. Whatever your health goals and intentions, we have someone to help you where you need it.

Be sure visit again or keep in touch via Facebook for details of services, events and classes being offered.

Yours in health,

The Red River Acupuncture Team