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Dear Patients and Friends of Red River Acupuncture,


To ensure the safety of our practitioners, patients, and the community at large, we are implementing the following policies and procedures in accordance with guidance from Public Health Ontario, Ministry of Health, and our College the CTCMPAO:

  • The day before your treatment, we will call or email to do a brief pre-screening questionnaire that assesses the possibility of COVID-19 infection. You can click here to see the survey. If you have any questions, please contact us before your appointment
  • The day of your treatment, you and your therapist are required to wear a mask at all times while in the room together. If you have a mask, wear it to your appointment otherwise one can be provided. Until otherwise advised by our public health leaders, mandatory mask use will remain in place.
  • To meet physical distancing guidelines and implement disinfection protocols, we have scheduled more time between appointments
  • To prevent the spread of airborne pathogens, we have invested in an air purification system using HEPA, UV light and ionization and let the room lie fallow for 30 minutes between appointments






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