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Dear patients and friends of Red River Acupuncture,

It seems we are turning a corner in the COVID-19 pandemic with the majority of people having some immunity to the virus and restrictions being lifted. Just in time for Spring and a fresh start and a new cycle!

In clinic we continue to follow the guidance of the Ministry of Health and our College the CTCMPAO and have been instructed that masks are now optional. Respecting individual choice, we will take your lead on whether or not to wear a mask during your treatment and are happy to wear one if that is preferable.

We continue to implement all other infection control protocols such as running a high efficiency air filter, letting the room lie fallow between treatments and disinfecting surfaces. We also ask that you continue to complete our COVID pre-screen survey and stay home if you or a family member are exhibiting any symptoms.

We hope the quickly flowing Qi of Spring coinciding with the lifting of restrictions provides a sense of ease and flow in your life. May we all take a deep breath as we look to what we want to create in this cycle.


Carrie Johnsen

Registered Acupuncturist

June 11, 2022






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