Dear Patients and Friends of Red River Acupuncture,

We are excited to announce that health care professionals, including acupuncturists, have been given the green light to gradually resume practice. We are so grateful for everyone’s patience and support during this time and are especially appreciative of your love for acupuncture! We love it too.

It is with mixed feelings that we also announce Sarah Watts will no longer be seeing patients.  An opportunity has come up that will be taking her back out West. Sarah will be forever grateful for her time spent in Thunder Bay. We will be forever grateful for her sharing her magic with us.

Moving forward, acupuncturists have been provided protocols to ensure the safety of our practitioners, patients, and the community at large.  Following the guidance Ministry of Heath and our College, the CTCMPAO, here are further changes the clinic will be implementing:

  • The day before your treatment, we will call or email to do a brief pre-screening questionnaire that assesses the possibility of COVID-19 infection. You can click here to see the survey. If you have any questions, please contact us before your appointment
  • Prior to treatment, we will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer
  • During treatment, you and your therapist will be required to wear a surgical mask while in the room together. If you have a mask, wear it to your appointment otherwise one will be provided
  • To accommodate physical distancing rules and disinfection protocols, we have scheduled more time between appointments
  • As we get caught up with appointments cancelled due to quarantine, online booking will be suspended. Please be advised we are operating at a reduced capacity and there may be wait times for care. We are doing our best to meet everyone’s needs
  • Because COVID-19 is largely transmitted through the air, we have invested in an air purification system using HEPA, UV light and ionization. The unit gives us an air exchange rate of 3x/hour meaning every 20 minutes, the air in the treatment room is cleaned of airborne pathogens
  • With increased cost of supplies and additional time allotted for cleaning and screening, effective July 1, 2020 treatment fees will increase in an effort to keep this business viable. Full follow ups will be $90 and half follow ups will be $75. Because of social distancing requirements, community acupuncture is suspended until further notice

If you would like to book a treatment with Carrie, please call or email the clinic. She is happy to be back and ready to be of service.

Sarah sends warm regards to all her clients and wishes them the very best.


Yours in heath,

The Red River Acupuncture Team