Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture provides acupuncture therapy in a quiet and comfortable group setting. Reclining chairs are set up around a large treatment room where several people receive acupuncture at the same time.

To maintain privacy and a quiet relaxed atmosphere, practitioners rely on traditional tools of tongue and pulse diagnosis. They also use treatment styles which address conditions all over the body, but, rely on “distal” points on the head, hands, arms, feet and legs so you remain fully clothed.

There are many benefits to receiving treatment in this setting. They include:

  • benefiting from the collective energetic field of people healing and resting together
  • being able to receive treatment at the same time as a friend or family member
  • getting to choose how long you need to rest with the needles
  • getting to choose how much you pay for treatment on our siding scale of $25-45


Community Acupuncture is a movment to make acupuncture therapy accessible and affordable. It began at Working Class Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon in 2002 and has spread across North America from there with over 200 Community Acupuncture Clinics now open. Thunder Bay is home to two successful Community Acupuncture clinics – Cedar Grove and Red River Acupuncture – a testament to the power of providing this medine in a community setting.


Imagine the impact of acupuncture seeping into every corner of our health care system: quietly relieving pain without pharmaceuticals, reducing stress without psychotherapy, changing the way we think about illness by providing an open testimonial to people’s ability to heal themselves.”
~ Lisa Rohleder, Founder of Working Class Acupuncture, Portaland, Oregon